Chef Alain Eigenmann

I began cooking at the young age of 13 in Alsace, France, where I was born. After a rigorous 4 years apprenticeship, I was soon working with well known chefs from the major regions of France. Some of them were “Michelin Star” rated, which for a young boy was a great privilege and honor. At this point of my life, having acquired knowledge of the essence of French cuisine, I decided to further develop my skills in completely different environment. At the age of 23, I came to America and two years later opened my first restaurant, "Alain's Bistro" in Norwood, New Jersey. Since my earliest days, I have believed that good food is based on quality and authenticity, and I have stayed close to my roots of creating classic French cuisine while incorporating my own style. I discovered that by combining different cooking techniques with authentic recipes and ingredients, one can appreciate the strengths of classic French cuisine presented in a refreshing new style.

In my experience, a successful restaurant should have its own

personality...a combination of great food and charming ambiance. Through the years, I have strived to maintain this focus, including my latest endeavor, "Alain's Bistro” in Nyack. With the understanding that fine French cuisine requires a particular attention to detail, I set out to move away from the high volume format, to one which is more intimate and personal. A smaller, cozier, environ, and sole proprietorship has allowed me to achieve my goal of providing fine French cuisine, in a comfortable rustic atmosphere, at very affordable prices. Simply, this means great food at reasonable prices, with people whose first names I remember.

Experience is a requirement in creating fare of uncompromising quality. Manuel Cuautle, our executive chef, brings with him over 17 years of experience in the industry. In addition to working with me for many years, Manuel has worked for some of the finest chefs in Manhattan. Together, we collaborate on how best to create a most enjoyable dining experience. Please come and see us, we will both be happy.